Issue 10 Released!

Written by RobotSpark, published 07/20/2019

Issue 10 of The Eternal Truth has been released! After a long hiatus, we've finally decided to pick up where we left off and start putting in more effort and organisation into how we construct and organise these papers.

We are always looking for criticism, praise, or just the voice of the Warden Empire! Please be sure to stop by our Discord (in the 'about' section) and leave us a message or even strike up a conversation!

Remember, Wardens Above All!


Issue 9 Released!

Written by RobotSpark, published 06/07/2019

Issue 9 of The Eternal Truth has been released! You can view it here. As you may or may not have been aware of, the time spent between Issues 8 and 9 has been longer than usual due to the Warden Press crew taking some well-earned time off. As such, we decided that we would go on vacation - which is the main theme of this issue!

As always, there's a new installment in the Weapons of War series, written by yours truly. This issue, it's about everybody's favourite knife, the bayonet!

Stay alert for the next issue, which we hope will be released alongside the War Machine update, if not shortly after. It'll cover a lot of the major changes that the update is intended to bring, and will include a lot of info from the devbranches. Remember to 'stay foxy' and fight for the Warden Empire!



Written by RobotSpark, published 06/05/2019

Greetings! This website hasn't undergone many changes as of yet due to a lot of other projects I'm undertaking for Foxhole, but for now I've fixed an issue where Issues 5 through 7 of The Eternal Truth were missing. Remember, Wardens Above All!


Website released to the public!

Written by RobotSpark, published 06/02/2019

Hello, and welcome to the Warden Press' very own website! This website is very much a work in progress, so expect some content to be underdeveloped or lacking. There shouldn't be any dead links, however - please give me a message on discord (@RobotSpark#1805) if anything doesn't work as it should.

All issues of The Eternal Truth should be uploaded, and available in convenient PDF format. Expect another issue soon, and more content to come to this website shortly!